Wonderful Wednesday – Getting Back to Good

  I have been having terrible technical difficulties with my blog at http://www.realhousewife.org.  Now, it doesn’t take much to confuse me when it comes to the technical aspects of blogging.  It is not… Continue reading

Finally “Resurrecting Tobias” is a Reality

Originally posted on Artistry With Words:
The day has finally arrived, and I am proud to announce that “Resurrecting Tobias” is now available to purchase in either paperback or Kindle. http://williamdhollandauthor.com/resurrecting_tobias/ Only another…

Adding Photos & Giving Credit

Originally posted on Blogging 2 Learn:
In class this week, we reviewed Copyright and talked about what it means to give someone credit for their work. For bloggers, “giving credit” usually means linking: For…